Alternative Input Devices

Alternative Keyboards:

Comfort (by Health Care Keyboard)

Kinesis (by Kinesis Corporation)

Data Hand (by Data Hand Systems)

Octima (by Ergoplic Keyboards, Israel)

Floating Arms (by Workplace Designs)

Starpoint 101 (by Jefferson Computer Products)

BAT (by Infogrip)

Select-Ease (by Lexmark)

Other Keyboards

Multron (by TelePrint Systems)


The Matias Corporation

Other Input Devices

STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals (by Bilbo Innovations, Inc.)

No Hands Mouse (by Hunter Digital)

Felix (joystick - mouse, by ALTRA)

Glidepoint Touchpad (by Alps Electric)

Cirque Touchpad (by Cirque Corporation)

Touche Touchpad (by ITA of Edina, MN, 800-223-6433)

HeadMouse (infrared head mouse by Origin Instruments)

Tracker (another head mouse by Madenta of Edmonton)

HeadMaster (another head mouse by Pentke Romish)

Trackman (trackball by Logitech)

GyroPoint (gyro-mouse by Gyration, Inc.)

Microsoft EasyBall (huge trackball, could be foot operated)

Contour Design

Spectrum RingMouse (by Pegusas)

Anir Ergonomic Mouse (by AnimaX International)

MouseList - Other mouse alternatives

Other input devices

VoiSys International Verbal Mouse, Verbal Navigator

Eyetech Digital Systems ( Eye mouse )

the Propagated Development Group; home of The FootRat.



Opera is an advanced web browser which enables users with different types of handicaps to access the web. Among its features you will find a full keyboard interface with single key browsing. Using hardware replacing the keyboard, Opera and the web can be made available to people having to use special input devices.
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