STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals

Assistive Technology for the Disabled

For people with limited hand capabilities
For amputees
For blind touch typists
For voice recognition/dictation

"STEP ON IT!" Keyboard Control Pedals make computer operation more accessible to people with limited hand capabilities, amputees, and arthritis sufferers.

For this special category of users STEP ON IT! Computer Control Pedals are nearly a must. The advantages of being able to use your feet are so obvious that require no further explanations.

Typing with only one hand is a challenge, using CtrlAlt and Shift keys in particular is the most challenging. The problem with these keys rests in necessity to keep them pressed while stroking other keys, which is very slow and awkward if only one hand is operational. Making use of the foot pedals would be a natural solution.

The system is also useful for blind touch-typists (by providing tighter keyboard control). The device can complement "on-screen keyboard" software utilities; it can also provide easier access to interactive computer games.

The pedals could be used with voice recognition systems, such as Kurzweil Voice, IBM's VoiceType and Dragon Dictate, or others. Though these systems can, in theory, be operated by voice alone, such a control is sometimes too tongue-twisting, and in most cases pedals add extra utility. In the case of IBM's VoiceType, the hands-free control is even impossible without a keyboard, or pedals. (For more details on voice and pedals, click here.)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to provide employees with adapted work places. Computer work place is, of course, no exception. For more information on ADA related issues click here.

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