Hardware and Software Compatibility Issues

Hardware compatibility:

STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals are engineered to work with any IBM PC/AT compatible desktop computer (286 and up) equipped with an AT-type keyboard.

No requirements imposed on RAM, hard disk drive, or CPU.

STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals are compatible with most (but not all) notebooks and PS/2s.

STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals are NOT compatible with PC/XT, Macs, Suns, mainframes, etc. However, in some cases you may use the pedals even with some of these machines, in conjunction with special converter boxes, like Mac-to-PC converters. With computers other than PCs, the matter may be rather complicated, but, in short,

Software Compatibility:

With STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals, you may emulate typing from the keyboard under ANY operating system, such as DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Windows 95, OS/2, NextStep, UNIX, LINUX, etc. Once programmed, the pedals will properly emulate keypresses, with no software driver required, whichever operating system is used.

Mouse button clicks emulation is possible only in MS Windows (both 3.1 and 95). A special mouse driver (included with the package) is required.

The pedals come preprogrammed with Ctrl, Alt and Shift. If you intend to use this default set up, no software is needed: just plug and play. In this case, you do NOT have to install anything on your disk; neither shall you run any configuration utilities.

To REASSIGN the pedals, one needs to run MS DOS or MS Windows.

Using the pedals with PS/2s

All PS/2 machines have mini DIN6 connectors: please use AT-to-PS/2 adaptors included with the kit.

Unfortunately, the problem with PS/2 may go beyond just the size of the plugs: PS/2 and AT use slightly different protocols to talk to their keyboards, and "STEP ON IT!" Keyboard Control Pedals are engineered to work with the AT machines.

The pedals are compatible with most PS/2s, but not all of them :-( If you encounter any problems with a PS/2 please call our help line: (800) 203-0092.

Using the pedals with notebooks

"STEP ON IT!" Keyboard Control Pedals could be used with most notebooks that have sockets for full-size external keyboards.

If you are working with a full-size external keyboard, plug the pedals in between the keyboard and the computer itself and use them as with a regular desktop PC.

However, if you want to use the laptop's own keyboard you could still use the pedals for the keypress and mouse click emulation, but you will not be able to REASSIGN the pedals, unless there is a way to disable the internal keyboard. To reprogram the pedals it is easiest to use a desktop computer.

Once the pedals are programmed connect them to the laptop's socket for a full-size external keyboard (leaving the Bilbo pedal controller socket blank) and use the laptop's own keyboard.

Mac-to-PC Converters

Kinesis Corp. now has an adapter to make a PC keyboard connect to a Macintosh. They'll happily sell you the adapter without one of their keyboards. The price is around $100. Call 800-4-KINESIS.

A similar product is made by the Silicon Valley Bus Company, which supports PC mice and keyboards. It's called the KeyStone and costs $99 plus $6 shipping.

Silicon Valley Bus Company
475 Brown Rd.
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045
Phone: 408-623-2300 or maybe 800-775-0555
FAX: 408-623-4440

For recent additions, check Typing Injury FAQ

Mouse button emulation will not be possible, even with the converters.

Sun workstations, X-terminals, etc.

Please, check Typing Injury FAQ and Office Technique adaptors list.

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