Put Your Pedal to the Macro

Computer Life,

March 1995

by Fred Davis

As a lad, I loved visiting church midweek because I got to play the massive pipe organ. This thunderous beast offered two keyboards--one for each hand--and a giant set of keys for my feet. I could throw my whole body into playing. Now I experience that sense of hand-and-foot immersion on my computer with the Step On It Keyboard Control Pedals. You can assign any key, keystroke combination, or macro to any of the three pedals. While my fingers hammer out the words I'm reading, my feet assist with the special key presses and menu selections. The foot pedals speed me along in games and simulations, too. I've also developed one macro, activated by my left foot, to relieve my index finger from double-clicking, while my right foot taps out the Ctrl-Alt-Del macro--a combination already known to make PC users stamp their feet. Available for PC; $139 from Bilbo Innovations; (800) 203-0092.

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