STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals

Interactive Computer Games

Less hand switching between keyboard and joystick
Launch missiles
Select weapons
Change screen views
Adjust shields

In the gaming world, the pedals can enhance the enjoyment of computer games and flight simulators by reducing the need for hand-switching back and forth between keyboard, and joystick or yoke.

You want the simulation to be more real. You want to feel more like in a real tank or in a real jet. Making use of joysticks and control yokes serves this purpose: your plane is easier to control and piloting becomes more real. But a real plane (car, tank, helicopter) has pedals, which are very handy. Can you imagine a real racing car or a helicopter without pedals? You would not question their necessity, would you?

Equip your cockpit with Bilbo foot pedals and you find that fulfilling many tasks would have become both easier and faster. And due to a flexible software interface you may use STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals with all the games on the market, no special versions of the games or drivers are required. You simply move three selected keyboard buttons to the floor and push one pedal to control the flaps; or the second pedal to launch a missile. Since STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals allow you to ascribe any key or a key sequence to a pedal YOU choose if the pedals would be for flaps, a rudder, a brake or a gun turret.

Since the pedals are "digital" rather than "analog", they are used to activate "on-off" game functions, such as launching missiles, or opening doors in DOOM, but cannot emulate variable controls, like aircraft throttles, and gas pedals.

Because the control box supplies standard scan codes into the keyboard port, no resident software driver is used. If the user accepts the default " Ctrl - Alt - Shift " configuration, no software is needed - just plug in the pedals and play! The only purpose of the supplied software, is to reassign the pedals (if desired) to keys other than the default keys. (To do this, DOS or Windows must be running.) After the reassignment is completed, the pedal software can be removed from computer memory. The new configuration will be stored by the control box, even when the power is turned off. This "no TSR" approach eliminates the possibility of TSR-conflicts with the game program. Reassignment software also permits storing reserve configurations in the PC memory, and is very easy to use.

The pedals are compatible with any PC-based game on the market, no game controller required. They will not interfere with yokes or joysticks, of any kind.

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"Adjusting my shields with the greatest of ease... "

- Computer Game Review, September, 1994

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- Electronic Entertainment, October 1994

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