Manufacturers of Computer Control Pedals

					Release: Sep. 1, 1995


Bilbo Innovations Inc., announces its move to Sunnyvale, Calif. The
company manufactures an innovative ergonomic input device --
"STEP ON IT!" Keyboard Control Pedals, that supplements the
computer keyboard with foot pedals, taking over the operation of
selected keystrokes.

The system helps to avoid bent and twisted wrist positions usually
associated with Repetitive Strain Injury (carpal tunnel syndrome). It
offers more comfort and greater productivity, moving part of the
entry activity to the floor pedals - thus speeding up the typing
process - by reducing hand movements.

Using three electronic foot switches, the system can be custom-
programmed by the end-user to assign or reassign any three keys or
mouse clicks to the floor operation, to suit the needs at the time.
A preferred initial configuration might be:

	Pedal 1 - Control
	Pedal 2 - Alt
	Pedal 3 - Shift

However, the operator can choose to assign any other frequently
used keystroke such as - Esc, Return, PgUp, PgDn, a longer macro,
or a mouse button click.

While primarily designed to increase typing productivity and comfort
in everyday use, "STEP ON IT!" Keyboard Control Pedals are also
ideal for interactive computer games, such as flight simulators, and
for use by the handicapped.

"STEP ON IT!" pedals are invented by two immigrants from Russia,
physicists Sergei Burkov and Alex Freed.

The device works with any IBM PC/AT-compatible computer under
DOS, Windows 3.1 & 95, OS/2, or any other operating system.
Bilbo Innovations is manufacturing and marketing their invention
through both direct mail (1-800-203-0092) and retail distribution.
In California, the pedals are available at Fry's Electronics.

The suggested retail price is $99.00. The company's World Wide Web
home page can be found at