Manufacturer of Computer Control Pedals						

					Release: May 25, 1995						
					Contact: Sergei Burkov,						


Madison, Wis. -- Bilbo Innovations, Inc., manufacturer of STEP ON IT! Keyboard 
Control Pedals announces its joining the World Wide Web.

Our home page carries basic information about our new ergonomic computer input 
device, three custom-programmable foot switches that take over the operation of 
selected keystrokes and mouse clicks. The system moves part of the entry activity 
from the keyboard to the floor pedals - thus speeding up the typing process through 
reducing hand movements.

STEP-ON-IT! Keyboard Control Pedals can be custom-programmed by the end-user to 
assign or reassign any three keys or mouse clicks to the floor operation, to suit 
the needs at the time.

An initial default configuration for the foot-operated switches is these 
frequently used keystrokes:	
Pedal 1 - Shift	
Pedal 2 - Control	
Pedal 3 - Alt
However, the operator can choose to assign any other keystroke, such as - Esc, 
Return, PgUp, PgDn,  a longer macro (up to 13 characters per pedal), or a 
mouse button click.

Using STEP ON IT! pedals effectively takes the strain off the hands of the operator 
for extra efficiency, speed and comfort. They may also help to avoid bent and 
twisted wrist positions, usually associated with Repetitive Strain Injury, and 
could have special advantages for the disabled and amputees.

In interactive gaming environments, STEP-ON-IT! controls can speed up the 
operations, with less hand switching required back and forth from the joystick 
or yoke to the keyboard.  The system is compatible with all PC games, joysticks, 
yokes, and similar gaming input devices currently on the market.  No game 
controller is required.

The home page contains pricing ($139 list, $99 "street") and ordering information, 
which lets the end-users to instantly place orders either on-line or by dialing 
our toll-free number (1-800-203-0092). A PGP-based credit card number public key 
encryption and signature verification will soon be offered as an option. 
Inforamation on merchants carrying the product is also provided.

The page is linked to various other web sites, offering the user instant access 
to vast information about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, workplace ergonomics, and 
various other areas of the pedals' applications. The user's can download our free 
software, and the media get an instant access to Bilbo Innovations' press 
releases. The URL is: