Download Upgraded Bilbo Software

Please help yourself with upgraded Bilbo software!

If you are upgrading from DOS or Windows 3.1 to Windows 95/98 or NT, you may, or may not, need upgraded software.

In many cases you do not need to install new software!

Please read the notes below before reaching for the Download button: you may save yourself few precious moments.

New version 3.0 available NOW!

PackageVersionReleasedSize Download
Windows 3.1x2.7110/15/95280KB Bilbo31.exe
Windows 95/983.010/1/97380KBBilbo95.exe
Windows NT3.010/1/97320KBBilboNT.exe
DOS2.710/15/95 57KBBilbodos.exe
MouseTrap 323.010/1/97

Windows 95 and 98

Windows NT

There are certain restrictions on pedal usage with Windows/NT.

Bilbo Innovations is thankful to Garry Wiegand who converted original 16-bit MouseTrap into the modern 32-bit version.

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