Media Coverage

"Pedal your way to productivity"
- BYTE, September, 1994

"Driving a computer like a car"
- The New York Times, February 26, 1995

"... control keys with your feet, which are less susceptible to Repetitive Strain Injury than your hands."
- PC Magazine, August, 1994

"For those who have injured both hands and voice, don't despair. There are still the feet. Bilbo Innovations Inc. in Madison, Wis., sells a set of foot pedals ... They don't replace the keyboard, but can reduce typing. No talking necessary."
- The Wall Street Journal, August 17, 1995

"Step up your typing speed with Step On It keyboard control pedals."
- Windows Magazine, April 1995

"... you need firepower now. And you get it with STEP ON IT! from Bilbo Innovations."
- Electronic Entertainment, October, 1994

"Here's a good reason to put your foot down!"
- New Hardware Product News, America Online, September, 1994

"A company with the unlikely name of Bilbo is set to change the way you think of your keyboard."
- Computer Game Review, September, 1994

"Use STEP ON IT! with your games, and you'll switch from joystick to keyboard less often"
- Home PC, April 1995

"I've also developed one macro, activated by my left foot, to relieve my index finger from double-clicking..."
- Computer Life, March 1995

"Aside from the convenience, STEP ON IT! could be a blessing to those with carpal tunnel syndrome..."
- Craig Crossman, the host of Computer America radio show, October, 1994

"Pedal seen as way to cut injuries"
- San Jose Mercury News, March 7, 1995

"PC pedals rolled out as remedy for repetitive-strain injuries"
- Chicago Tribune, March 19, 1995

"...why not bring your feet in on the act?"
- PC/Computing, June, 1995

"Ideal for the manually challenged -- and a nifty add-on for computer game users ..."
- Newsweek Japan, May 7, 1995

STEP ON IT! pedals were labeled part of The Input Revolution, by PBS's Computer Chronicles, in their TV coverage of the COMDEX/Fall'94 show. They were also covered by the local Las Vegas ABC station, and by COMDEX Show Daily, as new products of particular interest.

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