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Step up your typing speed with STEP ON IT! keyboard control pedals
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STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals
Next Step In User Convenience

Three custom-programmable foot switches emulate Ctrl, Alt and Shift or any other keystrokes, sequences or even mouse clicks!

Greater comfort, higher productivity
Lessen wrist stresses associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pedal your way to productivity!

BYTE, September, 1994

Pedals? What for? Features Order

Pedals? What for?

Word Processing
Repetitive Strain Injury
Assistive Technology
Computer Games
Voice Recognition
CAD, Desktop Publishing
Hands-Free Environments


  • Hardware: IBM PC compatible computers
  • Software: Windows 3.1x, 95, 98 and NT, DOS, OS/2, Linux or any other operating system
  • Reprogrammable
  • Can be programmed for frequently used macros and mouse clicks
  • No software driver required
  • External controller connects to keyboard port: just plug and play


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  • Driving a Computer Like a Car

    - The New York Times February 26, 1995

    STEP ON IT !


    by Bilbo Innovations, Inc.

    more comfort, greater productivity;

    for interactive computer games;

    lessen wrist stresses associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;

    useful for people with limited hand abilities;

    for voice recognition / dictation.

    STEP-ON-IT! Keyboard Control Pedals supplement the computer keyboard with three electronic foot switches that take over the operation of selected keystrokes and mouse clicks. The system moves part of the entry activity from the keyboard to the floor pedals - thus speeding up the typing process through reducing hand movements.

    STEP-ON-IT! Keyboard Control Pedals can be custom-programmed by the end-user to assign or reassign any three keys or mouse clicks to the floor operation, to suit the needs at the time.

    An initial default configuration for the foot-operated switches is these frequently used keystrokes:

    Pedal 1 - Shift
    Pedal 2 - Control
    Pedal 3 - Alt

    However, the operator can choose to assign any other keystroke, such as - Esc, Return, PgUp, PgDn, a longer macro (up to 13 characters per pedal), or a mouse button click.

    Using STEP ON IT! pedals effectively takes the strain off the hands of the operator for extra efficiency, speed and comfort. They may also help to avoid bent and twisted wrist positions, usually associated with Repetitive Strain Injury, and could have special advantages for the disabled and amputees.

    In interactive gaming environments, STEP-ON-IT! controls can speed up the operations, with less hand switching required back and forth from the joystick or yoke to the keyboard. The system is compatible with all PC games, joysticks, yokes, and similar gaming input devices currently on the market. No game controller is required.

    - Take the strain off your hands - use your feet!

    - As easy to use as a mouse

    - Compatible with any PC

    - Reprogrammable

    - You are in command!


    • Emulates keystrokes and mouse button clicks (1) ;
    • Lessens wrist stresses associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (2);
    • Ideal for word processing, CAD, desktop publishing;
    • Color-coded to match WordPerfect keyboard templates;
    • For typing HTML tags;
    • Works with all IBM PC/AT compatible desktop computers and most notebooks and PS/2, running under DOS, Windows 3.1 and 95, OS/2, UNIX or any other operating system (3);
    • A miniature external controller plugs in between the keyboard and the PC;
    • Easy to assign which keys are emulated by pedals - menu driven software is friendly to everyone - no programming skills required;
    • Can be programmed for frequently used macros;
    • Easy to install - just plug and play (4);
    • Allows hands-free control of IBM's VoiceType dictation system;
    • Compatible with any PC-based game on the market, no game controller required. Will not interfere with yokes or joysticks (5);
    • Reduce hand switching between joystick and keyboard. Ideal for launching missiles, switching weapons, adjusting shields, etc.;
    • Various custom foot switches are available to OEM customers: cordless, made of stainless steel, teeter-totter, etc.
    • Made in the United States.

    (1) - Unlike the keystrokes, that can be emulated with ANY operating system with no software involved, the mouse emulation is possible only under MS - Windows and requires a TSR-like program running.
    (2) - Bilbo Innovations hopes its STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals could help to offset Repetitive Strain Injury, although there have as yet been no clinical or other trials undertaken to verify this. Victims of RSI or a similar syndrome should consult their doctors. STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals is just a supplementary electronic computer input device, not a medical device or healing aid.
    (3) - Although STEP ON IT! pedals are engineered for AT it is still possible to use them with most PS/2. Since PS/2s use slightly different keyboard protocol, assigning certain complicated key sequences (like, say, Ctrl + grey Home) to the pedals may be unavailable. With notebooks, you would need a full-size external keyboard or another desktop computer to reprogram the pedals. However, once programmed the pedals could be used with the notebook's own keyboard. Pedals are incompatible with XT. PS/2-to-AT adaptors (included with the package) may be needed to connect the device. Needs to run DOS or Windows to reassign the pedals.
    (4) - What is wrong with "Plug and play" concept? (If you don't know the answer click here.)
    (5) - Pedals are digital switches - not linear - they will not emulate gas or rudder pedals.

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    Pedals? What for? Features Order

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